Marie tries to get the cast together again.

24 Jun

June 1st

NC, Rob,

You guys wanna meet for coffee tomorrow? Free all day, would love to hang.


Dear Marie,

I start a five-day tour tomorrow at 9AM. So I’m free for coffee at 8AM. Or perhaps better, we could hit The Russian Tea Room for a breakfast tea? They have Russian pancakes topped with sour cream and trout roe for only $32.00. I wouldn’t want you spending any more for my birthday, but if you’re flush, The Plaza has a prix fixe for $55.00. And I do love a harp. I’ll let you decide. I was going to go to bed now, but I’m so excited, I’ll await your reply. It is important you let me know within the next seventeen minutes, however, as I’d wear a suit to The Russian Tea Room and a blazer to The Plaza and I’ll need to lay either out before I fall asleep. If you want to coordinate, my suit is a dusky charcoal and my blazer is classic navy. I have ties in nearly every color, so let me know which shoe you’ll have on. I’m setting three alarms now and I think I’ll forgo the melatonin so I can be alert at 5AM when I’ll be up. But you’ll call within thirteen minutes, right? Because when I wrote seventeen, that was four minutes ago, so I’ll hear from you in twelve.




Jun 2

Dear Rob, Marie,

I’m sitting here at the Waldorf…


Dear NC, Rob,

Maybe the three of us can get together on the weekend for brunch?


Dear Marie, Rob,

I’ve only one day off between now and June 30th. I think it’s June 16th. So this gives us ample opportunity to plan something off-the-cuff. You’ll have to do much of the groundwork Marie as you’re young and full of vinegar. But I would use this as a framework: I’m thinking outdoorsy, fields, nets, summer whites, elegant picnic. Buzzwords like Hilfiger, patriotic, toothy smiles, stars, wholesome, milk, salads, tongs, cool, lemons, cucumbers, brie. Think organized spontaneity. Perhaps sailing? Late afternoon, early evening, cotton sweaters slung around shoulders kind of thing, Ray Bans. Cloth napkins. Fiddlehead ferns. Shall we paint? Maybe a painting party, à la Barbizon, bicycles, semi-formal gardens and rough rocky hillsides, mossy escarpments. Salt and pepper knickerbockers and paisley silken scarves. Or ecru linen trousers. Bare feet.

If you can work up a prospectus from this, I’m happy to edit.



Dear NC, Marie,

How about “abs,” can we get “abs” into this picture?



Dear Rob, Marie,

Yes. Also. Breezy, dew-y, bee-stung.



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