19 Apr

Sam and I had a fight today.

Sam has been walking next to me everywhere we’ve gone for the last four days.

Sam is one of those ridiculously good-looking kids from Australia. Even more spectacular than the usual suspects from Sydney. And he was a contestant on Australia’s Got Talent, so he’s a bit of a heartthrob in several hemispheres. And don’t you think he knows it. Girls have been stalking him for days now, stopping him in subway stations, on ferry boats, asking to take pictures, giving him their phone numbers.

At 4PM today, I’d had enough of it and said, “Sam, get away from me. You can’t walk with me anymore.”

Sam, slightly hurt, asked, “Why?”

And I said, “You’re cramping my style.”

And Sam countered, “You’re cramping MINE!”

And I shouted, “HOW?”

And Sam said, “You keep calling the girls who stop me, ‘whores.’ They can hear you.”

I said, “OK, ok, point taken.”

And we made up.




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